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Hello everybody!

This poll shall give everybody the opportunity to see if there is still interest in the GP Revolution as a "craft-device"  ;)

This is important IF we want to go on! Additionally, we can see in which OS the people are mostly interested in.

ANNOUNCEMENT: First IRC conference about GP Revolution's future is on Sunday, 16th 3 p.m. ! (German timezone GMT + 1:00) - Contact me for logon credentials and further information! The community needs more helping hands! 8)

I want to explain you how the poll shall work:


The FIRST one is for the choice between option 1, 2 and 9 (YES (developer), YES (bug reporter / tester) & NO)

The SECOND vote is for those who voted with YES!!! There they have the opportunity to tell the community in which OS development they are interested MOST (3,4,5,6,7,8)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that those, that use their phone productive and can't support us as alpha tester (=they need a stable OS on their phone) are also invited to tell us in which OS they are interested. But please be so kind / honest to vote just for ONE OS as all the others also only have one choice for OS. Thanks for being fair and honest  :)

For those who have chosen 'NO', you clearly said that you are no more interested in GP Revolution. Please don't choose one of the other options. This does not make sense for this poll and falsifies the result  8)

For those who have chosen 'YES': thank you for your support  :)
Maybe you want to let the others know about your abilities in this project ;)
(especially the developers and porters should show up and say "hello" - otherwise we don't know who's developing - maybe a list of the voluntary developers in the first thread of this poll would be helpful for those who have questions)

For example:

"Hi, I'm Bada3.0! I'm interested in developing new versions of FIREFOX OS, that's why I've chosen 1 and 3!
I'm the father of FIREFOXER project, which in fact, is frozen at the moment (due to lack of time, summertime ;) )

I haven't ported FIREFOX OS 2.0 to Revolution yet, but as an "exercise" I surely want to do that.

I'm good in organizing and in documentations  :)

I hope that I can reach a lot of motivated developers & testers so that GP Revolution will have it's "comeback"   :) "

And now it's up to you, please vote  ;)

OF COURSE, all the guys from the other forums (spain & french) are also allowed to vote  ;D
"the more we are, the more we reach"


Bada3.0  8)

P.S. @ Rodrigo: Could you please pin that thread to the other 5 on top of the Revolution Forum - I think that it makes sense and is then easier for everybody to access  :)

New Projects / [FFOS] Any plans for a new Firefox OS phone?
« on: November 23, 2014, 11:30:41 PM »
Good morning everybody  :)

I'd like to know if there are any plans for further Firefox OS phones or does Geeksphone more concentrate on the Android market?

What I really miss is a powerful phone but with a smaller screen (4 inches for example). That saves battery power and is, in my opinion, more handy. The Revolution's 4.7" screen is a way to large for the 2000 mAh akku if you want to have a phone that lasts 24h with "normal usage".


REVOLUTION by (gp) / [FFOS] Question about 'busybox wget' command in ADB
« on: September 07, 2014, 02:14:59 AM »
Hello community  :)

Maybe this is a silly question but I'm not sure if I understood that right:

I connect to my Revolution with the adb tools and I want to download a file by using the 'busybox wget' command in adb.
Is it true that I use in this moment the Revolution's WIFI / mobile internet and NOT the computer's ethernet connection to download the file?


./adb shell "
cd /path/to/my/folder
/system/xbin/busybox_new wget http://server/path/to/file.txt "

Please tell me if I understood that right.
Thank you  8)

REVOLUTION by (gp) / [FFOS] Where are installed apps stored?
« on: August 18, 2014, 06:11:01 AM »
Hello everybody,

who can tell me where on my internal storage are all the installed apps stored?
I just need the path  ;)

Thank you for your help  :)

P.S.: I used the "search function" in this forum before, but I did not find anything useful...


REVOLUTION by (gp) / Busybox: How to copy files to local drive?
« on: April 25, 2014, 12:02:31 AM »
Hello everybody  :)

After connecting my Geeksphone Revolution to PC I try to work on it with busybox. I read in the internet, that it is not possible to use SCP in busybox.  :-[

For example:
root@android: scp /etc/rril/repository.txt /home/USERNAME/Test

When I try to copy files to /storage/sdcard (on GP Revolution) then it is not possible because it says that
"the filesystem is read-only"  :(
Changing the permissions to write is also not possible...

Can you explain me if there are other ways to export files / folders from Revolution to local drive / sdcard?

Origin of the question is: I wanted to use SED in busybox to replace lines in a file on the Revolution. But SED in busybox does not work as it does on local pc...

sed 's/old_line/new_line/'

That's why I want to export the file to local drive!  :)

Thanks for your help and your support  ;)

Hello community  :)

I have problems with the push service of Jongla IM. When I reboot my device I can see, that Jongla IM is opened automatically in the background ~~~> looks like everything is fine

When I use mobile internet I made the experience that the App does not show up push notifications

Example: Yesterday 4 pm I started Jongla manually and checked for new messages. After opening the app I got the messages from 8 am in the morning...  :(

I checked the settings and saw the status "Disconnected. Reconnect?"

I really understand that there are areas where the mobile internet disconnects, but for that the app / firefox os should be able to reconnect again. Otherwise it does not make very much sense in my opinion...

Is there someone else who has the same problem?
And is there also a workaround to solve the problem?
Is it just Geeksphone Revolution problem or do Peak / Keon users also have the problem?
Maybe push notifications are just bad in this version of firefox os (1.3 pre) ...

Thanks for your answers  :)

Hello everybody  :)

Installing and configuring the ANDROID-SDK-TOOLS is not very easy for normal users -  especially for those who use Linux.
When the software is installed the torture continues... "How do I connect my Geeksphone Revolution to my PC?

Neuromancer2013 started "GP-Revolution-FFOS-Mini-HowTo's" -->
Thanks to him and many other helpful users in this forum, we have a nice thread where we can find useful documentations for different workarounds!

Although the authors do their best to write detailed workarounds, it's sometimes pretty hard to understand, if you are not that familiar with linux console commands.

That's why I decided to create

a scripting tool which was designed for users with less technical knowledge, but who also want to explore their Geeksphone Revolution :)

The script was created and tested on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS

Current Version:       FIREFOXER 1.25

written for Firefox OS 1.3, not yet compatible to Firefox OS 2.0

Description / Features:

- Download and extraction of android sdk tools [DONE]
- Installation of android sdk tools [DONE]
- Connecting Geeksphone REVOLUTION to PC using adb [DONE]
- Script optimization [DONE]
- Implementation of Luis's Workaround for Bug "SIM Card missing" --> [DONE]
- Adding 'Changelog' function for viewing during the script [DONE]
- Exporting REVOLUTIONs internal filesystem as '.tgz' file on SDCARD for further analysis [DONE]
- Adding a new compiled busybox version (thanks to user "mik") to REVOLUTION which improves "wget" [DONE]
- Adding new alert tones to REVOLUTION (First wave: samsung_galaxy_s2.ogg, piper.ogg, bubbles.ogg   + restore function) [DONE]
- GPS Improvement for faster satfix outdoors & indoors (thanks to Sergi Mansilla --> ) [DONE]
- Adding an "ads blocker" to get protection against advertisement & malware (thanks to xda-developers --> ) [DONE]
- Changing the search engine from "Google" to "Startpage", "ixquick" or "duckduckgo" (thanks to user "souptytwist") [DONE, NEW!]

Planned features / Improvements:

- Adding a log file for the whole script
- Adding a 'tidy up' - function to delete unnecessary subfolders and files in '/storage/sdcard/FIREFOXER/...'
- Installing a ssh server on GP Revolution as a faster & easier alternative to ADB [FROZEN]
- Complete Restructuring of "new-alert-tones feature" + adding 5 new alert tones [FROZEN]
- Building a Firefox OS 2.0 compatible version of FIREFOXER (as soon as released) [FROZEN]
- Enable large picture support ("Picture is too large for opening on that device") [FROZEN]
- Support for Windows users (*.bat file) - if needed... [CANCELED]

With releases of future versions I will update these lists of course  :)
Needless to say you can also find all the improvements in the "History / Changelog" section inside the script  8)

And now it's up to you, guys:  Feel free to test it!  :D

Just download it from the following link or from the attachments:

As the script needs root permissions it is recommended to look FIRST over the whole script BEFORE you run it!!!
I tried my very best to write it as clearly as I could  :P

Please tell me what you think about this scripting tool. As I am not a professional in scripting (working with Linux / UNIX in my company since June last year) please also let me know how to improve it - Spelling & grammer errors should also be deleted so please inform me about them.

Feel free to post your opinions, critics and questions in this thread - I'm looking forward to hear what you think about FIREFOXER  ;)



Hi everybody!

Maybe this is the wrong place to ask for, but is there any app developer who tries to make a html5 application which connects to Samsung's Chaton Network?  :P

OR: Do you know people who are working on that?  :)

Unfortunately I could not find any information about this topic in the internet...  :-[
I asked Samsung if they will support Firefox OS with their app (half a year ago) but they said, that "there are no plans yet to support Firefox OS"  :(

If someone is interested in this project I would like to support you  :)
Unfortunately I'm not a application developer, but I could upload the installed Bada 2.0 version of ChatOn from my Wave 2. I also could do the testing if this is helpful for you  :)

Samsung supported the Bada 2.0 version of ChatOn only until 1.9.0  >:(
Android version is newer (3.2.115), but maybe there is a ex-bada developer who is more familiar with the Bada App version  ;)

Thanks for your efforts


REVOLUTION by (gp) / Revolution - data transfer over USB very slow
« on: March 27, 2014, 08:24:32 AM »
Hi everybody :-)

Did you also made the experience that when you copy data from your PC to the SD card of your revolution, it takes so long.

I changed USB ports and cables but no difference: I just can copy with 800 kbyte - 1 MB / sec

With my older samsung wave 2 (2011) it took less time to copy files to SD card or to interal storage. also my external drives work faster - so it looks like there's nothing going wrong with my usb ports

Is this also a bug in this version of Firefox OS or is the read / write speed that bad ?  :(

I'm using

Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
USB 2.0
Geeksphone Revolution FFOS 1.3pre with a 32 GB SDCard Class 10 (the sdcard should not be the problem)
My PC is about 5 years old - so not that old  ;)

Firefox OS Stuff (Apps, Tricks...) / Java Apps in Firefox OS ?
« on: March 27, 2014, 05:53:14 AM »
Hello everybody,

I'd like to know if it is possible to run java apps (files with ending *.jad or *.jar) in firefox OS.

On my old Bada phone I used Java Apps for running ChatOn and SongID (Shazam).

Is there any Java Runtime Environment App to do this?

Thanks for your help

Offtopic / HTML5 radio streaming / no flash allowed
« on: March 25, 2014, 01:28:32 AM »
Hello everybody,

As I am a proud owner of a Geeksphone Revolution I want to tell all the other FIREFOX OS users how easy it is to listen to your favorite (german) radio stations  :)
Unfortunately I could not find any radio app for german radio stations, like Bayern 3 or Rock Antenne...  :(

As Firefox OS / Android and especially iOS have sometimes problems with flash content - I made that experience as I wanted to listen to flash radio streams ("No flash plugin installed" - blabla)

But I found a nice solution - an HTML5 Radio 8)

Just insert the Stream URL in the box and press "PLAY" OR (more easier)  choose your favorite (german) radio station  ;)

Save that website as a shortcut on your homescreen & enjoy  ;)


Offtopic / Firefox OS & Tizen alliance (?)
« on: December 10, 2013, 02:09:19 AM »
Hello everybody,

I'd like to know your opinion about Samsung and Mozilla working together?

In my opinion, Mozillla's firefox OS should NOT collaborate with Samsung's Tizen OS. I think that Samsung's Tizen is the only one in this "collaboration" who can profit by apps. As I know the "Bada Times" (R.I.P. 2010 - 2013), I can't imagine that Samsung will push Tizen OS

I think Firefox OS is famous and strong enough to survive without any "fake help" from Samsung. :P

Tell me what you think about  :)

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