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speaker problem
« on: February 29, 2016, 06:27:51 AM »
Hello, especially to any Geeksphone tech!

after being dropped a few times over the past year, my Revolution now has intermittent speaker audio.
I opened it up to check the spring connections to the speaker, which seem to be lining up ok with the gold plated lands on the main board.
I suspect the problem is an intermittent connection on the main board, either a component with a micro-crack in the solder, or (worse) a break in a track or via on the board. This is because it's a mechanical problem - twisting the phone a little or stressing the case a little brings back speaker audio temporarily.
I could try warming up selected areas of the board with a hot-air rework station (yes, I'm a tech with smd experience - I know how to use one without melting everything and dislodging components!). But I would appreciate some tips (especially a photo with arrows) of likely points, e.g. speaker amplifier.

This is a last attempt - I already sent the phone back to Spain for a broken screen problem, and I am not prepared to spend a lot more money on it...

Thanks for any tips.