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Re: KEON latest images
« on: November 08, 2013, 07:37:24 AM »
The next lines must not be taked as regrets, just explains what's the situation.

- We are a little company with limited resources. If someone knows how many people is working in ZTE with FirefoxOS i would like to know. You will get a real surprise of the difference.
- We work daily to keep the fotas working, fixing build problems, and several other maintenance tasks (the boring part :()
- Some days, when the work above is less, we have some time to work in stable images. Some weeks this happens two or three days and some weeks none :(
- We have 2 devices and we cant work at the same time in the two devices :(
- We dont want a stable image with bugs, so we need to do a full test of all of the features in the image, so we need again more time.

So with all of this we do as best as we can (not a regret again)...

Zte released a 1.1 version that is a daily build of mozilla's code. If you see the day of this update and download our image for keon of this day you will get the same FirefoxOS code. With the bugs of this day, of course... Like we did with peak we will take a image and test the bugs, once detected we will fix them and make a stable image. This image will be released and installed by OTA to all 1.0.1 keons. We dont want to release a stable with problems and update it again and again. For this we have daily fotas of 1.1.

About the web with status... sorry, but this will only add more work to our really limited time, so this will not happen.

Once explained, i can give you some clues... our estimates are that next week you will get a stable image of 1.1 for keon. But now dont start to ask which day  ::)

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