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About image versions
« on: June 03, 2013, 07:54:07 AM »
Seems that there is some misinformation about updates, so I will try to explain how they works.

First, bear in mind that Geeksphone only release system updates, the ones that are show as REQUIRED when you see a update in your screen. If you se a update about an application, it's the application developer who is pushing this update, and Geeksphone has no control about it.

We have two branchs of development, stable and nightly. Both of them are aligned with Mozilla, so we compile they sources, the stable one use Mozilla's v1.0.1-prerelease (v18) branch and the nightly one uses Mozilla's master branch (v24). So when we build a stable image, the version will be the same (v1.0.1-prerelease) at least until Mozilla thinks that is a stable image and change the version. This doesn't meant that is not a updated version, because every time we build a image we add all the changes merged in Mozilla's sources.

So if you want to know if one image is newer that other in a device, you will need to see the Build Identification. The bigger this number is the newer the image.