Author Topic: Request for a better keyboard app in FFOS 1.4  (Read 1921 times)

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Request for a better keyboard app in FFOS 1.4
« on: April 03, 2014, 12:28:27 PM »

starting at FFOS 1.4 there is the feature available to install a
third-party keyboard app.

Perhaps it might be possible that Geeksphone can include a better
keyboard app in the OTA update to FFOS 1.4?

My wishes in order of importance:

1. Learning dictionary
   Even if no new words can be added to the dictionary (what would be
   fine, of course), it should be possible to alter the priority of
   the words of the standard dictionary according to usage. It is
   annoying to always alter the same wrong suggestion again and again.
   Alternatively the settings should allow to switch off blue
   suggestions. (I want to write the German word "deine" and always
   find "seine" when proofreading the SMS text.)

2. Blank after punctuation mark
   The settings should allow to switch off the automatic insertion of
   a blank after a punctuation mark. (I'm used to add a blank by
   myself. So my texts are overrun with double blanks.)

3. Additional keys
   The blank key is large enough to also hold the often used
   punctuation marks comma, exclamation mark, and question mark. My
   suggestion for the bottom line of keys:
   Alt ? ! blank , . Return

4. Umlaut keys
   German umlauts and the Eszett are ok using a long tip but extra
   keys on the right would be better! :-) By choosing a setting,
   of course.

By the way, when using the keyboard to write a short message (SMS), I
often hit the "send" key by incident, when I try to insert the cursor
into the text. Perhaps I'm the only one! :-)

I would find it better to only have a "Ready" button when the keyboard
is visible. The "Ready" button should change to "Send" after the hit
on "Ready". Currently you can tip on the area of the last SMS received
to hide the keyboard. A settings entry would be fine!

Is there any hope? :-)

Best regards
Eberhard Sturm
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Re:Request for a better keyboard app in FFOS 1.4
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2014, 12:18:00 AM »
Not by now. We are fixing bugs in 1.3, so we cannot spend time right now in new features (so big at least). Maybe if 1.4 becames stable with time we can make a update to 1.4. But remember this MAYBE...

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Re: Request for a better keyboard app in FFOS 1.4
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2015, 08:49:02 PM »
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