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Opportunities of geeksphone
« on: February 15, 2015, 03:53:40 AM »
Hey guys,

I think geeksphone really needs a new product to show that they are alive. At first lets have a look at your target group:
The name of the company suggests already your target group: geeks. Geeks are people who want something new, something different and something what they can't buy at every corner. If you want to keep this target group you always have to look for a new niche and have to enter new unknown territory. You can leave this path keep your geeks (they get older and don't want always new stuff  ;) ) when you have proven in a niche that you are reliable. Than you can grow with this niche. In my opinion is isn't possible with this target group to enter an existing market.

Now lets have a look at the oppurtinities:

There are a plenty of android phone already avaiable and the competion is really hard. To capture a market share you have to outbid your competitors in one of the following points hardware, price or software. I think it isn't possible with your ressources to undercut a phone like the moto G and therefore I think with Android you can't hit the expectations of your target group. I draw the conclusion that android is not an option.

At the moment it is just one phone in India avaiable and it is fully open source but the appstore is empty. If you start now I think you can live up to an earlier success of the keon and the peak. But it is also risky and will took some time.

So just one a half stars: -|- -|

A good argument can be made that you have already experience with Firefox OS. It is still new and a great organisation is pushing it. What are your competitors? Mostly cheap phones in the low-range price segment. Therefore I think you can easily place a phone in the mid-range price segment (I know you waht you are thinking: "Hey we already offer the Revolution". And yes this is true but you have made two big mistakes. 1. They communication was worse and 2. you have focused too much on Android). Maybe later in the high-range prive segment.

In my opinion one of the best oppurtunities. Three stars: -|- -|- -|-

It is new and at the moment really nerdy but the important question is how fast can you deliver? As far as we can trust canonical regarding to them there are a plenty of phones coming. I'm not sure if your phone would be noticed and how ubuntu in general will be accepted.

I think it is better to wait a bit more so just one star: -|-

Sailfish OS is different to Android but it is possible to use the same apps and it has a really active community. I think your target group and the sailfish community is similar which is good for you because you can bring in your experience. What would be your competitors? Just Jolla itself with one phone and soon a tablet. I think you could place a mid-range or high-range phone in europe. Outside of Europe even a low-range phone. Also a plus point is that you can offer some equiment for your phone (like a keyboard for example, the jolla keyboard was really succesful.

In my opinion also one of the best opportunities: Three stars -|- -|- -|-

Windows Phone
Just a joke  ;D
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