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ONE Status Tracking
« on: January 04, 2010, 07:11:58 AM »
As we promised, here is the daily tracking status of the first batch of Ones.
All info exposed in this thread may be inaccurate or suffer from delays or modifications due to the nature of the supply chain and timezone differences.

Update 11 Jan: Due to climatological situation in Western Europe our shipment has been deviated from original route. We will keep you updated on this situation as we receive tracking updates from 4PX/TF Logistics and UPS.
Update 12 Jan: Expect your phones to be sent before Feb. 22nd

28 Dec -> Exceptional meeting in HongKong
29 Dec -> Now following new roadmap. To take advantage of wasted warehouse time, we will begin a series of extra Quality Control rounds.
30 Dec -> QC Phase 1/3 Cleared.
31 Dec -> QC Phase 2/3 Cleared.
1 Jan -> QC Phase 3/3 Cleared. All handset succeeded in extra QC rounds.
4 Jan -> Departure from warehouse in Futian-Shenzhen, requested admission in cargo warehouse of HK International Airport [HKG-CARGO]. Arrival of Geeks comittee for Origin Customs clearance.
5 Jan -> Admitted in Cargo Terminal (HKG)
6 Jan -> Handed to our forwarder (4PX/TF Logistics). Processing in origin port.
7 Jan -> Processing in origin (HKG)
8 Jan -> Processing in origin (HKG)
9 Jan -> DEPARTURE FROM ORIGIN. In route (HK-Frankfurt-Paris-Madrid)
10 Jan -> N/A
12 Jan -> Our delegation in Beijing is organizing a new shipment with highest priority. ETA next week.
13 Jan -> Handed to DHL Express
14 Jan -> Processing in DHL Hub, Beijing Airport (PEK)
15 Jan -> Customs Cleared in DHL Hub, HongKong Airport (HKG)
16 Jan -> Shipped in DHL Hub, HongKong Airport (HKG)
17 Jan -> Processing at Leipzig (LEJ)
18 Jan -> Customs revision at Madrid-Barajas (MAD)
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